About Us

Savory Five was created by Kimberly Parks so she could share her passion for the art of hosting, delicious food, exquisite wines, and bringing interesting people together to enjoy it all.  After many years of working in Manhattan as a Fashion Designer/Art Director,  Kimberly has set out on a new path, her own path.  As her materials changed from fabrics to food and silhouettes to tailored fitting wines, she realized the perfect fit was in the story of a meal and human connections.

Savory Five creates memorable events that are unique to the culinary scene in various locations in Portland, Oregon.  With every event a chef is hand selected along with a special pour for creating the perfect narrative.  These are exclusive one night only experiences, never repeated and enjoyed by all that attend. It’s about the food, but a Savory Five event is so much more, with its attention to detail including the ambiance, music, and special surprises planned for the guests.  Breaking bread has never been so much fun.

As a designer, Kimberly understands the creative process. She collaborates with each chef to craft a story through food and various inspirations.  It is an exploration of flavors, style, travel, cuisines, art, literature, music, and personal experiences. The result is art in a bite, a meal, and a toast, created just for you.

Kimberly has recently returned from spending the last two years in Chile and traveling South America. During her time she threw numerous events showcasing talented chefs and wineries in beautiful locations throughout South America.  Coming Home to Portland, after being gone 30 years, is really an exciting time for her.  She can’t wait to share the Savory Five experience with the foodie crowd in the Great Northwest! ~ A night worth savoring.



The Storyteller ~ Kimberly Parks